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Never Used Platinum Pro not working

Posted: Sun Nov 22, 2020 11:10 am
by BarelyUsed
Hey there.

I have a Platinum Pro for an EP3. I’ve just plugged it in, and turned to ACC. The fans for the radiator would turn on instantly and I would try to connect from my laptop to the ECU. At the time, I hadn’t noticed if any LED lights turned on. I heard the connection sound of the USB to my laptop, I also updated some drivers but no go, ECU would not connect to the ECU manager software. So I decided to unplug the ECU and plug it back in to see if any of the LED lights would turn on. Still none. And this time the fans weren’t working on ACC and still cannot connect to software.

Not sure If I’ve cooked the ECU somehow or if I’ve blown a fuse but I’m currently looking.

Primarily, the cars not finished and I was only connecting to the ECU after I noticed my IC-7 dash was not connecting to the IC-7 configuration software.