208 twin turbo Ferrari

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208 twin turbo Ferrari

Postby JACKHOUPE » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:17 am

Hello all, I've been watching here and using the search function of the forum for awhile now, I would like to tell you about my old car. I bought this car in the mid 90s and converted it to EFI DIS (electromotive) and tracked the car for a number of years. The car originally came with a 2 liter V8 and a single turbo CIS injection with a distributor, my sons stock honda could kick its butt till 5k rpm when the turbo spooled up so thats when the modifications started. First was the conversion to EFI DIS and add an intercooler and bump up the boost to 20 psi, it ran good but lag was still far to much for me so I bought a couple Garrett turbos and installed them, the boost still came on about 3500-4000 rpm but when it hit it was hard, so I knew I was on the right tract, I bought a couple IHI 555 turbos and installed them, boost came on at 2000 rpm and it all started to come together, I then built a massive air to air intercooler to handle the intake temps and all was good till one cold clear morning about 0 degree F outside temp, the car was ridiculously strong due to the cold air and I was eating tires, well I ran off the fuel curve and melted a couple exhaust valves. The 208 engine is almost the same as a 308 but the bore is only about 2.5 inches and compression is 7:1. I took the engine out and it sat for 10 years till I decided to pull a 308 engine I had built with a blower on it out of another car that was in dire need of new body, I built the engine to be a sleeper, it was a 308 GT4 with a bad body and interior but the engine was 3 liter, 8.5:1 J & E pistons, balanced and and blown with a GM blower and water to air intercooler and Electromotive system. It ran well but due to the lack of ability to use a bigger crank pulley boost was a mere 4psi but it ran good. The engine came out and the process started to convert to twin turbo, water to air intercooler and water injection. I decided to build the headers so I could use either the Garrett turbos or the IHI turbos, my first choice was the IHI as I plan on keeping boost levels at 12psi and not tracking the car, the turbos are out of the sweet spot on the graft but this is going back to be a street car. Boost comes on at 2000 rpm and hits 12 in just a second or so when turbos are warm. Well I guess I should get to where I bought a Haltech sprint 500 and why, I have had many problems with electromotive units as then don't like any device that uses pulse width modulation (fan controls and pump controls) or any other type of ignition other than there own. In several cases I've had ghost problems that just happen out of the clear blue sky, all due from induction from other devices. I don't care for there ignition thats just my personal thoughts as the split coil fires on plug from electrode to tip and the other tip to electrode, the one that fires electrode to tip will fowl first thus taking out the other plug due to it being a split coil. SO I used an MSD DIS4 to fired stick coils (individual coils per cylinder) and the system in my opinion is far better than there system. Determined not to use one of the 4 electromotive systems I have on my shelf I bought a AEM series 1 stand alone programmable unit that had every thing I wanted but some help in getting it to run. I found out later that this was a DEALER ONLY unit and if not a dealer forget it, most the aem tuners are not good at offering advice or help and if you fly them in and pay them they will help you. Sh-t I just ripped it out and started looking for another EFI, one of your dealers or a guy who loves your product told me to go with Haltech, I've heard of you all but never had experience, so I bought a sprint 500 to see how things work. Gents your system is the best I've used in over 20 years of doing this stuff, I would like to thank you all for your commitment to the everyday guy who just wants to do it himself. You got a good show going on here. Before you ask why I only bought a sprint 500 I will answer that, I didn't want to spend the extra cash not knowing if it was want I wanted, now that its installed and running I don't think I want to spend the extra for a 1000 or 2000, I'm a happy camper so far, but if I knew then what I known now I would buy the 1000.

PS. when I did need a little help, Eric from Haltech jumped in and pointed me in the right direction. Sorry my typing sucks. Only 3 pictures? I will try to post more, if you like me a picture is worth a thousand words.


I hope I can post these pictures.
208 tt haltech 001.jpg
intake plenum 001.jpg
308 blower picture.JPG

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Re: 208 twin turbo Ferrari

Postby JACKHOUPE » Mon Apr 29, 2013 10:21 am

more pictures
deck lid on 004.jpg
deck lid on 001.jpg

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Re: 208 twin turbo Ferrari

Postby HaltechMatthew » Thu May 02, 2013 3:21 pm

Very cool car!

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Re: 208 twin turbo Ferrari

Postby Austin66 » Fri Aug 23, 2013 8:43 pm

Wow what a beautiful oldie.. Ferrari is always my favorite brand in luxury cars.. and this twin turbos sounds really fast, thanks for sharing the photos.. I like this cool car
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Re: 208 twin turbo Ferrari

Postby stevieturbo » Sat Aug 24, 2013 3:03 am

Pretty awesome !!


Simply adding a few paragraphs spaced out makes reading so much easier. Doesnt matter if paragraph spacing makes any sense, it just breaks up the text making it easier to read.

Just like this.

But once again....awesome build !
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Re: 208 twin turbo Ferrari

Postby sprocketser » Tue Sep 17, 2013 9:40 am

Wow , nice ride mate .
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