2005 JDM model - Honda Civic (EP3) Type-R - Elite2500 PnP Kit with Wideband

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2005 JDM model - Honda Civic (EP3) Type-R - Elite2500 PnP Kit with Wideband

Postby cbDrift » Mon Jun 01, 2020 10:14 pm

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My 2005 Honda Civic (EP3) Type-R
Its a JDM import - premiere edition with "C" options package - 129000 km's

The only changes from factory spec so far are:
Haltech Elite 2500 ecu kit
Haltech EP3/DC5 plug n play wiring loom adapter kit
Haltech Canbus Wideband O2 kit
Tunernerd Knock Monitor kit
debadged and destickered
215x45x17 Bridgestone RE003's
decat pipe currently in use - otherwise a full factory (JDM) exhaust

misc consumables changed : clutch line, some bushes replaced, NGK iridium plugs, OEM filter and oil

There is more planned - but with covid slowdowns and tighter finances - the rest of the larger plans are on pause for now and its only going to be the "cheaper" things planning on being touched on now or things that break will be upgraded and replaced as well.

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Re: 2005 JDM model - Honda Civic (EP3) Type-R - Elite2500 PnP Kit with Wideband

Postby cbDrift » Fri Mar 19, 2021 9:55 pm

Update as of 134,000km's
-Done "a few" oil and filter changes - yes - far too many in the number of km's I've had it so far - but flushing things on an unknown engine is not bad.
Just changed over to using Petronas Syntium 5w40 instead of the OEM oil.

- Installed 1000cc Xspurt injectors (dynamically flow matched within 1% flow across all 4 injectors by the local reseller MSEL here in NZ) - they required a MASSIVE change in the VE map at idle / the lower load areas - It went from around 40% VE at idle on the factory 340cc injectors to around 75% VE on the Xspurts 1000cc's

- Been run up on a Dynopac - street tuning under load in 4th gear isn't practical these days.
Sorted the timing - only uses Mobil 98ron fuel now - knock free ignition map completed.
Tried it with multiple fuel/ignition maps against every 10deg of cam angle - ended up reverting back to a single map for each - fueling became a lot more consistent this way
The alternator control with the Haltech has driven me to madness - and flat batteries - almost to the point where I wanted to remove the Haltech and go back to the factory ecu for a daily driver - It still isn't "perfect", but now at least the car charges the battery consistently and holds a constant 13.9-14.2v

- Uninstalled the Tunernerd knock monitor after the dyno and have installed a Haltech knock sensor in place of the factory knock sensor - I do plan to revisit the timing map and the knock monitor again - just not right now

- Installed a front strut brace - and didn't realise how much of a difference it would make - never going back :)

- Installed a brake master cylinder brace

- Installed an upgraded delron steering rack slider bushing - what a difference that made

...things noted so far
-Tyres are wearing well - I've only done around 4500k's in them so far and dont try and fry them but the wear is better than expected and the grip is outstanding to the point where I don't feel happy trying to find its limits on a public road.

- It uses a little oil - on research this is normal for a k-series engine - and I do mean only a little.

- Its got a bit of bump steer - steering arm geometry needs changing - there's hardware for it off the shelf to improve things a lot in this area

- The factory air temp sensor is SHITE and the sensor body actually heat soaks so badly in the factory mounting location that it'll read over 60c in summer in rush hour traffic and can be out by over 40c in some traffic conditions - relocated it and its a lot happier now

- Having seen a few different youtubers bending valves (some more than once) when they hit the ignition cut rev limiter - I am getting rid of any pop/bang stuff and have moved to a fuel cut for the limiters - its still gets a nice burble on decel and gearchange but its not offensive in any way to "normal" people on the roads and it wont push a valve into a piston by accident

next plans on the list
- Setting up the aircon and data logging switch inputs for the Haltech
- Haltech dash and misc extra sensors
- Many changes to steering geometry and suspension parts

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