5V supply for I/O Canbus module

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5V supply for I/O Canbus module

Postby aussie_guy00000 » Sat May 05, 2018 9:34 pm

Hey Guys, i'm fitting an I/O canbus module to my elite 1500, and I know you need to connect the signal ground to the ECU signal ground, but I wanted to check if I there'll be any issues using the 5V supply from the ECU for the sensors going to the I/O module, instead of the 5V supply from the I/O module? I ask because my engine bay loom already has the 5V power and everything sorted, and I don't see the point of running another one in parallel. Given that they will have the same signal ground, and that it should be a 5V regulated supply I wouldn't think there'd be an issue, but I thought I could connect the 5V Supply of the I/O to the ECU 5V supply to ensure they remain equal. Anyone see an issue with this?

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