Crank trigger questions. And others.

Questions about the Elite Series ECU's? Ask here.
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Crank trigger questions. And others.

Postby LotusEsprit1000 » Sat May 19, 2018 5:59 pm

I have my car ripped right apart and I have made the decision to SPAM out all of the factory stuff. It wasn't too reliable and may have been hacked up.

I have Emailed someone from Sales named Matt who has been really helpful who has also reminded me that I should probably use an Elite 1000 for what I want to do with the car. So it will be another month before I can actually buy the product. Rather than have all these questions while I am ready to get the car running again I Thought I would just ask the remaining questions now.

I have watched the trigger video a few times but what may have been missed or I wasnt clear on were two points.

1. What crank trigger do I use for a four cylinder engine? I would like to run a missing tooth setup.

2. If I am using a missing tooth setup does that mean that I do not need a cam trigger or do I still need the cam trigger?

Do you have a lotus 907-912 base map!? Any of these will work and If you dont I will be needing one after I order.

Is there a book I can read about setting up the haltech? I have tweaked factory units and I have read all the PDF's I can find about the haltech but I have no experience what so ever installing a full EMS.

Also if anyone knows what size images are needed for the sponsorship application I would love to know as I want to apply for a sponsorship. Who knows maybe they will be interested. :D

A last bit of information almost all esprits used the same block and head configuration from the first esprit until the V8.

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Re: Crank trigger questions. And others.

Postby Filholm » Sun May 20, 2018 1:55 am

In the ESP software, there is a "help menu", in that menu all the function and setup options are explained.

Regarding the MAP, the Elite 1000 have a generic MAP, which you can easily modify for your specific engine (viewtopic.php?t=5463).

The Elite 1000 supports generic "missing tooth" setup, so the OEM crank setup, should be supported. You have to find out, if the sensor is VR or Hall, and how many teeth the crank wheel have and how many are missing.

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Re: Crank trigger questions. And others.

Postby Peterson » Sun May 20, 2018 4:50 am

1) 36-1 with a VR sensor will be a simple,cheap,easy to set-up and reliable solution.

2) Cam trigger is needed only if you want sequential injection and ignition.Without one semi-sequential or batch and wasted spark ignition will be the only available running modes.

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Re: Crank trigger questions. And others.

Postby LotusEsprit1000 » Wed May 23, 2018 2:12 am

Thank you both.
Martin, Haltech has confirmed that my trigger type is not supported. Also I will be tossing the trigger setup anyway as I am switching to a lightened flywheel that does not have the tooth marks in it that lotus uses so I must install a crank trigger on the crank pulley. Not what I want to do but its best for the Haltech.

I was thinking about that 36/4= 18 so that works. So 36-1 it is. Also I will for sure be using a VR sensor. No way I am going to go through the truble of sorting all the crap out with a reluctor.

I will be needing to do a cam trigger.... It's just a better of two evils situation. I either have to mount the trigger on the cam a 3 tooth or I can run a single on the former coolant pump for the chargecooler... Neither is great but it should work good.

Again thanks both of you for shedding some light. I hope I can get this wired up in the next few weeks.

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