No idle after installing Idle Air kit

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Jeroen Peetoom
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No idle after installing Idle Air kit

Postby Jeroen Peetoom » Sun Jun 10, 2018 7:01 pm

Hi guys,

The strangest thing happened. I have an Elite 1500 and an IQ3 street dash. Everything was working fine, until I decided to install the idle air kit.
After installing and some playing around with the settings, I got her to idle at 850-900 rpm. AFR's looked OK, and she seemed to run smoothly.
I drove her around a little bit, and afterwards I couldn't keep idle. When I opened the throttle a little she would "idle" very rough, and very lean. These are few things I noticed:

With key on, engine off, the fuel pump keeps running. Normally the pump will stop after 3 seconds of priming. So, she has seen higher fuel pressure than she's tuned for(hooked up an external gauge).
Strange thing is, when I disable Idle Control in the ESP software, the fuel pump goes back to normal operation and stops priming after 3 seconds, and the FPR appears to hold the nominal pressure quite well.

(Another thing is, after installing I noticed my speedometer wasn't getting any signal. Not sure if this is related or not, still looking into it.)

Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

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