Start and stop button issue on Subaru impreza 2010 EJ25

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Start and stop button issue on Subaru impreza 2010 EJ25

Postby quattrov6t » Tue Mar 02, 2021 6:05 pm

Hi everybody,
I'm new here on Haltech forum and this is the first time that I work with Haltech stuff.
I have installed a 2500 elite ecu on a Subaru impreza 2010 STI EJ25 and I'm struggeling with the start stop engine button and the clucth starting function.
The car start like a charm and I'm ready to tune the map on the road .
My concern is about the fact that when the engine is running and every time that I engage the clucth, the starter is activated like in the starting procedure and hit the flywheel.Regarding this, it's impossible for to me to put the first gear and drive the car.
I've put a switch on the starter solenoid wire to make the car running and tune but It's not the final solution and I really need help to solve this.....
Hope someone already had that issue and give me some advice.
Thanks in advance guys.
Michele from Belgium

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