JDM 2jzgte Supra / Elite 2500 dual pump triggers

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JDM 2jzgte Supra / Elite 2500 dual pump triggers

Postby Rallly1 » Mon Apr 05, 2021 12:28 pm

Can someone please lend me some info here. I am using the 2JZ Haltech patch harness with Elite 2500 on my 93 JDM Supra 2jzgte non-vvti. I have chosen to recycle 2 oem wires from the oem fuel pump ecu connector wires because they won't be used(green arrows). I have spliced my 2 trigger wires from fuel pumps connected to them at oem fuel pump ecu connector and they are terminated at the oem ecu plug. What do I do from here? From my understanding I need to use DPO's or DBW DPO's for these. What do I physically need to do to with these 2 wires at ECU end. Thanks

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Re: JDM 2jzgte Supra / Elite 2500 dual pump triggers

Postby Halfwalker » Thu Apr 22, 2021 6:00 am

I'm not quite sure how you're wiring these pumps ... You say "trigger wires from fuel pumps" - do you mean trigger signals to relays that control the pumps on/off ? If you're relying on those wires for power to the pumps, I wouldn't do it - they're not heavy enough wire. I'm assuming you've removed the fuel-pump ecu ...

Typically, dual pumps are set up like this ...

* Large B+ wire from battery (with fuse) to rear area junction block.
* 2x B+ wires from junction block to 2x relays, one per pump.
* 2x signal wires to the relays to turn them on/off. These 2 wires can be re-used from the main ecu harness - the two you've picked are fine so long as the fuel-pump ecu is gone.

Those two wires from the harness would be connected to DPO outputs on the 2500. So pins 21 and 22 on connector L at the ecu could go to IGN7(B17) and IGN8(B18) on the Elite 2500 (if you're not using those pins for anything else) or any other spare output pins you have on the Elite 2500.

If you're interested, this the google sheet I've been using to build my wiring
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/ ... s9A5YjBNDY

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