Home Tooth error on elite 1500

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Home Tooth error on elite 1500

Postby randulapereranisal » Sun Apr 11, 2021 1:26 am

I have a honda b16a2 engine which is OBD2A, and I have purchased an elite 1500 ECU for my engine, since it's obd2a I have ordered a jumper harness which is obd2a to obd1. my stock ECU is running getting every signal and runs without any errors. but when I connect elite 1500 it says home tooth error, which I know is 24 - 1 is a trigger system. (stock distributor running). I have adjusted CKP and CYP sensor and left TDS as instructed but still, it says home tooth error. engine cranks but doesn't start (going to) but won't. please help.

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