which ECU is right for a 4 CYL motorbike ?

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which ECU is right for a 4 CYL motorbike ?

Postby dodgem11 » Mon Apr 12, 2021 6:43 pm

Hey there. so I am looking at doing a flash on my Bike's ECU or a power commander. and for the money, I am seeing pretty primitive stuff
the ECU flash of my stock ECU is the better option as power commander is basically an interceptor and can only do fuel and ignition. it has barely any options for inputs etc. it can do Wideband/ autotune combined or individual cylinders with additional modules. but it can not do on-the-fly adjustments. only logging, then you need to apply later on

So to wire in a power commander is $1000 + labor + tuning that's haltech elite money
ECU flash with wideband and autotune and quick shifter (ignition/fuel cut for shifting) is $950 + tuning labor again that's close to haltech money

So which haltech is enough for a naturally aspirated bike its current setup is
Dumb coil on plug ignition
and it has 8 injectors so primary 200cc and secondary 200cc injectors

I think with a haltech I could remove secondary which just sit on top of the inlet intakes. and then there is port injectors
I reckon I could remove the top injectors and install 500cc primaries only

But which ECU would do coil on plug ignition and 4 injectors. has knock sensors thermo fan control
and options like engine braking closed loop at all times

thanks in advance for the help

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Re: which ECU is right for a 4 CYL motorbike ?

Postby cbDrift » Wed Apr 14, 2021 7:16 pm

if that second set of injectors sits above the intake trumpets and spray straight down into them - dont ditch them - they make good top end power - if you go port injection only you could lose a handful of noticeable horsepowers
and if you ditch the port injectors and just use the top set - you'll get shite idle due to fuel spraying onto the back of the throttle plates
That is *if* the injectors are setup that way - if i got the layout wrong - ignore this paragraph lol

As for what ecu would suit - pick a feature set - find a tuner who knows the ecu well enough to do a good job with all the settings and tables and go with that. note i ignore price there... ya know the drill - "fast, cheap or good - pick any two"

...or do what i did and get a elite 2500 as overkill knowing you can take it onto the next project when you get to that stage :)

but make sure whatever you get - your tuner is happy to work with it.... a good tuner on an ecu they dont know or are not motivate to work on will be a "it runs pretty good" type deal... and will keep you occupied with tweaking things later on - which it sounds like you like doing anyways :)

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Re: which ECU is right for a 4 CYL motorbike ?

Postby dodgem11 » Thu Jun 03, 2021 12:02 am

hi Mate yes they have top spray as well . you are right. the stock ECU turns them on at 6500RPM and the bike just turns to complete butter when they are running. its like wiping your ass with silk. it sounds amazing and smooth, and the pickup is nuts.
when they are on the port injectors its eww haha. its rough and vibrating. I'm going to get them cleaned to see if it gets better.

so thanks for that. so ill need something with 8 injector outputs? is that right? if I want sequential yeah?
basically I want wideband full closed loop control at all times. so it will prob have to be an elite.

Im not giving you crap but this site sucks I came here for advice and I got nothing. expect you. I thought haltech was like super friendly and helpful. I expected more from them

all the Motorcycle aftermarket stuff turns off the o2 sensor and even a wideband and runs them in open loop so its the vuel map or explode toype deal with them. They do offer the auto tune feature. but you can only apply trims when the bike is switched off or idling as you cant while riding lol

I saw this as a deal breaker. I am being charged 1000 bucks for an ECU that cant even do closed loop

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