Rx7 shutting down by itself

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Rx7 shutting down by itself

Postby Mazdarx7 » Thu Apr 29, 2021 6:22 am

Hi, recently on my rx7 single turbo fd i was accelerating on gear and suddenly the car shut down when still on gear (no rpm reading) then it started up alone while on gear (the rpm started reading again) ... This repeated itself the same day for 3-4x until when i was cruising and put it in neutral gear, it shut off and gave me a hard time to start, i sat a side on the street for about 5 mins and it started up again like never happened. Next day i tried going out again and was working normal until i made a 1st-3rd gear pull and when i put it in neutral shut off again, it didn't want to start from ignition and i started it on gear and the same as the previous event it worked like nothing ever happened. ​​​​​I have a haltech ecu 1500 and a fault popped up, im assuming the CAS (crank angle sensors) are failing somehow.... Any help is much appreciated thanks...

CAS sensors are both changed, changed alternator, checked alternator wireing, swapped Engine main relay and circuit relay for new ones, changed the ignition switch too, the problem is now constant every time i try to accelerate "on load/on boost" approximately 4.5-5.5k rev the car shuts down, and immediately re-starts again, ecu will shut down (green light goes off) and freeze on laptop, the cluster rev reads 0 and engine goes dead if not on gear, then if i still keep the car on gear the ecu reboots and the car restarts itself on gear by itself.

Faults are: engine position error
And sometimes when it shut down and restarts on gear alone "injector 1 duty 90%exceeded"
Injector 2 ...same fault

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