Elite 1500 CEL with no DTC

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Elite 1500 CEL with no DTC

Postby scottdanesi » Sun May 02, 2021 4:40 am

Hey everyone,
Just my car back from my tuner and the Haltech Elite 1500 is working amazingly. I have 1 lagging issue that they could not figure out quickly. My CEL is always on, but there are no DTCs when I pull up the software. Is there a way to see if this is a hardware (wiring issue) or a software (configuration) issue easily? I am using the Elite 1500 with the plug and play adapter kit for my Evo III.

When I start the car, the CEL is a bit brighter, but then goes to a slightly dimmer state when I think it should be off. Not sure if multiple levels of brightness are even a thing with the 1500. This was never the case with the stock ECU (with DSMLink).

Thank you!
--Scott Danesi

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