P0373 Honda OBD1

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P0373 Honda OBD1

Postby ae82ted » Sun May 09, 2021 4:13 am

I have some problems with Elite 1500 with Honda OBD1 PnP Harness after COP conversion.

1. The engine starts fine, did timing sync, and idle stabily. However, the code P0373 pops up every time after the engine fired up. Tired rise up the filters but it does nothing. Quick Start Enabled. If I raise the Home Arming Voltage the engine doesnt start as it doesnt see the home signal. Although the engine starts and idle, and when I try to rev up the engine, it boggs at around 3000rpm, and the trigger synce goes from Full to None when the engine bog. Trigger offset set at 394 degree. tried set it as 34 degree, the engine cant start up and same P0373 will pop up once the starter motor stop spinning.

2. The WB1 is shown online via CAN, The WB O21 shown FREE AIR all the time after engine started and idling. It does all the necessary procedures when key on. From Cold, heat up, then shown 1.00 lambda, then it keeps raising up until showing FREE AIR...however the car is idling well. When I put the O2 sensor of my dyno in replace the WB1, it shown 0.88Lambda on the dyno.... Not sure whether I have set anything wrongly at ESP for simply the WB1 is gone. Cant do any calibration as its with 4.9 sensor.

Hope someone can give me guidelines of what have gone wrong.

Attached thecurrent setup file for reference
ELITE DEFAULT_20210509-021329.rar
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