Air cooled VW running an Elite 550

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Air cooled VW running an Elite 550

Postby Air Cooled » Wed Jul 21, 2021 3:23 pm

I have an old air cooled VW and I am going to put a 550 Elite on it. The only problem is that I want to regain the std look, so I would like to run the dissy in it and only one cdi coil. Now i know that I just use the #1 coil wire, but how does the computer know were home is? Do I have to set up a home sensor on the pulley or flywheel? And if so what are we talking about? Remembering That I want to make it look as stock as possible. Would you set up a digital or analogue sensor? And how many 'homes' would it need? Would you set it up on the flywheel? 4 homes, or just the one? Or a main one for #1 and 3 minor ones for the others? Remembering that I don't want a 60-2 tooth wheel on the front. Is this a stupid question? Sorry if it is.

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Re: Air cooled VW running an Elite 550

Postby Orangeblue » Thu Jul 22, 2021 2:21 am

How old are we talking here?

From what i know the mexico bug 1600i (ADC) had digifant ems and the distributor (P/N: BAA 905 205 C) has a build in hall sensor.
No clue what trigger pattern it uses, but can either be set up in the ECU or the trigger wheel modified, sensor type is also set up in the ECU.

Maybe useful infos: ... ngine.html

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