Basic first start software/wiring troublehooting and remedies

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Basic first start software/wiring troublehooting and remedies

Postby Snerktek » Sun Aug 01, 2021 7:02 pm

Hi, I am still pretty basic with this, first experience with programmable ECU. I have finished making a plug and play harness for Elite 1500 to NB8A (98 model) MX-5 , plugged it in and downloaded basemap and firmware update with the ESP software. I think the harness is all correct but I have not wired in things like air conditioner adjuster and idle solenoid.

I can crank the motor and record data etc but no start, due to unresolved minor issues. The first one is under Setup there are errors on the Functions tab where connections are identified under “Add/Remove Functions” as errors (red) where the connections, eg A/C input are not connected. Fair enough I can “clear” those, but there are there I think I have connected and need, such as:

‘Fuel Pump Relay Output’ is set and not used. Clear this connection if not required

1. What do I do if it IS required? I can't see where to make any changes that remove the error message but keep the function?

2. I have looked a fair bit at you tube and elsewhere but can't find a simple guide to knowledge such as this, is there one?

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Re: Basic first start software/wiring troublehooting and remedies

Postby JimKden » Sun Aug 01, 2021 11:58 pm

If I understand you question, I believe if you uncheck the green box by the function, it is disabled and only on the list.

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