2jzge vvti (is300) cam crank (-) wiring

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2jzge vvti (is300) cam crank (-) wiring

Postby match220 » Thu May 19, 2022 4:38 pm

I'm wiring an elite 2500 into a 2jzge for an is300 using the factory wiring. In the 2jz guide on this haltech site it states, "if using OEM Toyota wiring, pin 2 should go to Signal Ground". I was going to wire both cam/crank pin 2 to pins B5/B6 for the (-) for each but is there a specific reason these wires should be connected to signal ground instead? The two sensors share the Blue wire in the factory wire loom, but I can separate that for each wire to connect individually to the elite. Thanks!
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