wont drop rpm

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wont drop rpm

Postby ruhtra » Wed Aug 31, 2022 8:07 am

Haltech 1000 on sr20det. started having long cranking, and now rpm stuck at 4000. only way to get it to drop down and idle right now is switching from on board map sensor or analog and setting voltage to 0 to trick it into idling just to be able to move the car into garage. I thought it was a map issue since when i removed the the vacuum nipple, somehow there was water in the line. and in the sensor. blew out the water and moved the vacuum line to another location. Sent the ecu to have it checked and said it was good so put it back switch back to on board map but when i do its reving up to 4k. before it was fluctuation now its stuck. I thought maybe the IAC took a crap but it unplugged still stuck at 4k rpm. map reading -9 psi or around -62kpa.

any thoughts what it might be keeping it up in rpm. throttle is closed. smoked tested and did see any leaks by around intake manifold. so still trying to figure out what might cause the issue.

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