Controlling DBW motor for other uses

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Controlling DBW motor for other uses

Postby elroy19 » Sat Sep 17, 2022 9:09 pm

I have just wired up an Elite 2500 running a Toyota A340 with cable line pressure. I want to be able to control line pressure not off throttle position but off load, as being a turbo setup I can have max boost at partial throttle without full line pressure. I would just run max line pressure all the time as others have done, but putting the car into gear with full line pressure is not as smooth as minimum line pressure.

In my head I'm planning on dissecting a generic used Bosch DBW throttle body, replacing the throttle blade with a throttle cable cam/pulley wheel to simply pull on the line pressure cable like the standard throttle would but to be able to control line pressure with a table based on load.

I do not have DBW throttle on the engine yet, but will in the future so will use the DBW outputs for that, I feel like I'd be able to use the DC motor driver like the e-gate.

Is this going to be possible with the software? Have a DBW throttle body not controlling throttle but a line pressure cable?

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