Maybe a very beginner's pwm ssr and other electrial question.

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Maybe a very beginner's pwm ssr and other electrial question.

Postby Vspec2Rx7 » Fri Oct 14, 2022 6:48 pm

First off let me apologize if these are very novice question. I know or I think I know what I am doing on the tuning side but I am kinda lost on the electrical said of things and help you guys can help me answer some question.. thank you.

What I am trying to do it connection a meth injection kit and control it via haltech elite instead of the control that came with. Being a Snow performance stage 2.5 kit... they say they run the pump on PWM... and 12V on their solenoids even though it didnt come with one. Complete opposite of AEM kit.

So.. in order to connect the pump to the haltech, I needed a solid state relay and I got that and I know what to do with progressive control and stuff on the NSP. But one problem, in order for the pump to prime the system when turning the car on... it was suggested that I hook up the pump as a generic pump on the haltech and turn on full power under certain condition and progressively control the solenoid since haltech will turn the pump on and off if I set it as a secondary pump.

This is my question, even though it didn't come with a solenoid, I already bought one of the snow performance one. Being a 12V on and off solenoid, is it possible to pulse it or in some way use it as a progressive control valve for the meth injection instead of buying another one.. Probadly that means I need another solid state relay for this?

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