2013 STI acceleration problem

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2013 STI acceleration problem

Postby TheShad0w » Tue Dec 06, 2022 7:44 am

Hello - We have recently implemented a hand full of STI's using the haltech elite 2500. For the most part, aside from can support everything has been going smooth. All of these have been setup using a boomslang harness. This car has no critical errors, all sensors and calibrations have been checked, even started over a few times to confirm. The car seems to operate normally, until attempting to accelerate it then feel like a potato in the tailpipe. Car cannot make positive boost either. Since the car is setup very close to stock in configuration, we are able to swap between the factory ecu to confirm if it is running proper under normal circumstances, and it does run very well on the stock computer that's been tuned. I'm curious if I could get some troubleshooting help on what could be triggering this behavior. It almost feels like the DBW is limiting itself although I've recalibrated it numerous times to try and rule this out.

The ECU also seems to randomly cycle power over and over without any discernable explanation, which kind of has us thinking there could be an issue internally.

Let me know what information I can provide to help narrow down what is going on here.



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