Rx7 FD - Elite1500 troubleshooting

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Rx7 FD - Elite1500 troubleshooting

Postby mconrx7 » Thu Jan 05, 2023 10:30 am

Hi Folks,

I have searched but have been unsuccessful at finding any help for two issue which my new build is experiencing.

13B REW half bridge
T04R turbo
FFE 36-1 Mag trigger wheel
IGN1A coils
ID750cc - Primary injectors
Bosch 1650cc - Secondaries

1. The manifold runners are glowing red on idle after 2-3 minutes.
I have verified that the base timing angle is correct having zeroed both the leading and trailing and checked with a timing light. Adjust to 92* with a FFE trigger wheel to get the red mark aligned. Have also checked trailing and leading is correct for the front and verified for the leading on the rear (added a mark at 180* to confirm).
Car is idling erratically varying from 1400rpm to 2400rpm depending on how I play with the ignition.

2. IGN4 - Rear Trailing coil is not firing
Identified when trying to trouble shoot the red manifold but the IGN4 is not firing. Have put in a new coil which fires if I hook it up to another plug. I have verified continuity for the grounds and between the ECU and trigger wiring. Confirmed the coil is getting 12V.

Help would be massively appreciated. Will ring Haltech the next time I'm out at the car but hoping someone has ideas I can try in the meantime.

Attached is the map I have tried.

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