Multiple ESP Programs

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Multiple ESP Programs

Postby torqueup » Fri Mar 15, 2019 12:54 am

Any chance of being able to run the program multiple times?

I have 2 of our race cars with elite 2500's and would like to compare tables against each other, along with copy/paste etc.

I also noticed that if i connect to an ecu then connect to the 2nd car, the tables are all messed up or the data pulled from the ecu is not correct.

A good example was a few weeks ago, i was trying to make boost changes to 1 car and it wouldn't change. Once i closed the app down, then reconnected the data for my boost maps was requesting negative 14.7psi. where as it was showing 12 before i closed it. (not even the same as the original car i plugged into)

the table definitions changed but the values themselves were wrong.


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