Momentary switch support.

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Momentary switch support.

Postby Drwaffles » Sun Aug 05, 2018 11:45 am

Looking at the list of inputs there's no option for momentary switches.
By that I mean, a single push of a momentary button naturally disabled the feature when it's released.

It'd be a great help if pushing a momentary button would enable that generic input until it was pressed again (Or ignition cycled)
I've got a few steering wheel buttons i'd like to use, and because they're not switches it doesn't seem to be possible.

I did come up with a way to make exactly that work, but it uses X2 Generic timers and X2 Generic channels.
Which is quite wasteful considering we only get a handful of those.

In the pictures below I set that switch to the clutch switch just for testing. Didn't want to wire up a switch if it was never possible in the first place.
All you have to do it change that input to whatever pin you're using. "ModeSwitch" is the one that is toggled with the push of that momentary. Just don't hold the button for longer than a 1 second or it won't work.

But it'd be great if you guys could add that as a feature (In a much more streamline way)


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