Pc logging and general improvements

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Pc logging and general improvements

Postby Grizzbrother » Sat Nov 16, 2019 5:33 pm

I think the pc logging could be vastly improved by some small changes:
1. Log natively to a format that data log viewer can open. Needing to export logs is slow and annoying. I should be able to open a file immediately after starting to log, which leads to my next point:
2. Allow live log viewing. Megasquirt and tunerstudio ecu and software did this great. I was able to open a log as it was being written, and actually follow the live log. It was nice to be able to leverage the full power of the data log viewer for this, as opposed to just a trace view.

The elite series does some things great, but let me tell you, tunerstudio ms kills it in some areas, usability wise. Here are a couple features ts has that haltech lacks or does worse with:
1. Live log viewing, no need to export logs when logging on pc
2. Copy/paste to/from tables easier
3. Compare maps!
4. Connecting to the Ecu was very fast. Upon connecting, the software would quickly compare the map on the pc to the one running the car, and would display all differences, allowing you to choose which settings to use. Esp is slowwwww.
5. Had a cam/crank signal scope
6. Ve auto tune interface highlighted cells to show how many samples had been collected for each cell.
7. General speed and stability. Esp lacks it.

I get that haltech does other things better, and that feature development must be prioritized. However I feel these are very basic usability issues (with the exception of the cam/crank signal scope and ve auto tune cell weighting view) which if corrected, would lead to a much more productive experience and less frustration.

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Re: Pc logging and general improvements

Postby HaltechMatthew » Mon Nov 18, 2019 10:07 am

We do very much appreciate the constructive feedback. Much of what you have mentioned is already known and has been addressed for a future update.

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