Generic Channel Logic

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Generic Channel Logic

Postby torqueup » Mon Mar 02, 2020 1:54 am

Can some one explain to me the logic in the generic channel setup to me? I'll explain what i have setup in 3 different cars & they all had the same problem, which to me makes no sense if the logic is how i *think* it should work.

I have 2 generic channel's configured all with 3 operations to engage a relay for a shiftnoid. With a button on steering wheel to override the pre-programmed rpm to perform short-shifts.

1 is gear -equal to 1
2 is gen sensor value (shift button) - equal to 1
3 is rpm - equal to 5000

second gen channel is same as above except the gear is set to equal 2 & rpm is different.

These 2 channels are then used to engage a generic output channel with the following conditions
1 is vehicle speed greater then 60kph
2 is gen channel 1 is equal to 1
3 is gen channel 2 is equal to 1

When the car is in 3rd gear (TH400), the ecu is enabling the shiftnoid output based on rpm again. which in turn pulls timing via the flat shift or ign correction table being activated because it's seeing the output being turned on.

Now, I would have thought that the 1st condition for each channel MUST ALWAYS BE MET, then the 2nd option OR 3rd if hit.

I could try flipping the 2nd & 3rd options around in the channel's, but to me I would have thought that the 1st Condition should still need to be met otherwise having the OR logic is completely pointless If it just acts like it's own channel regardless of the first 2 conditions.


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