RB26 Basemap modification with an Elite 2500

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RB26 Basemap modification with an Elite 2500

Postby Street Surgeon » Mon Mar 30, 2020 7:22 am

Hi all,

I've had an Elite 2500 sitting on the shelf for a few years that I'm getting ready to put into my R32 GTR and I'd like to get the basemap modified to suit the modifications that are specific to my engine. I fired the ECU up, updated the firmware to the latest version, opened up an R32 GTR Elite 2500 basemap and began modifying it a bit.

I'm running the following gear that will need to be modified/added to the ECU basemap:

FIC 2150cc injectors
A bosch PST-F 1 oil pressure/temp sensor
A GM flex fuel sensor (13577429
Haltech air temp sensor (came with the P&P box)
Nissan R35 coil packs
Platinum Racing Products crank/cas trigger kit
and an OST Dyno GTR speed sensor

I was able to add a few of these items, I individually added the injectors with their corresponding flow rates and dead times, I plugged in the R35 GTR coil pack dwell time as per PRP, and am now trying to put in the PRP 12 tooth trigger kit information. Does anyone have a screenshot of what that would look like? I think I'm close but I'm not sure on my TDC offset angle.

Here are the values I used for the R35 coils, and the injectors. If anyone has any suggestions on how the trigger setup should look I'd appreciate it, I'm not going to shave a tooth off as some have done, I'll let the CAS mounted trigger the home signal, thanks for any and all help!


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Re: RB26 Basemap modification with an Elite 2500

Postby HaltechMatthew » Mon Mar 30, 2020 9:41 am

Turn the filters off for your trigger and home, but otherwise you are on to it!

The TDC Offset you will find with a timing light.

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