Prelude H22 trigger settings/getting started

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Prelude H22 trigger settings/getting started

Postby Chris_didthis » Tue Feb 16, 2021 12:46 am

Hi Everyone, I Couldn't find much info on the H22 when i was trying to setup the trigger page and the OBD1 Honda basemap didn't work for me so i just thought id share the trigger settings i used to get my h22 running.


I saw a two different posts that had clashing information but you want the trigger and home sensors to both be setup as reluctors with a rising edge.
For me my TDC offset angle was 445 (saw on another post that they set it to 76)

For my ignition setup the settings are as followed


Set as a distributor with a rising edge

For Coolant and Air Temp calibration i used the values found in this article: ... eed_Sensor
Just make sure that pull up is enabled

I was using Hondata before this with a p72 (integra) ecu where you cannot calibrate the sensors so my thinking was if Hondata read those sensors fine then the B and H series engines must use similar sensors.
The same can be said for the Trigger type, I've selected the B18c trigger type with the same thought process.

Of course please check the TDC offset angle table as i needed to adjust mine. To check timing there should be a 15 degree timing mark on the flywheel

And one other little bit of info is that the VSS is a Hall effect sensor with a falling edge, if its set as a reluctor sensor the vss will jump around and you may run into a situation where the injectors dont turn off for whatever reason.

Anyways, hope this helps anyone planning on using Haltech on a H series!

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