Mazda Protege Alternator Issue

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Mazda Protege Alternator Issue

Postby SubtleTune » Tue Mar 02, 2021 4:28 pm

Hello i'm having issues regarding my charging system. I have the Elite 1500 with a patch harness.
The only post i can find with relative information is: viewtopic.php?t=2794

In this post it lists these settings:
Frequency: 250Hz
Start Duty: 75%
Minimum Duty 0%
Max Duty 100%
Gain 100
Target Voltage 14.7
Output Inverted

Right now my alternator does not charge at all. My question is, is there any option/setting i can change to make the output inverted or to get my alternator to charging? I understand these are 2 different ecu's i'm comparing. Is my only other option to switch to a mazda 626 or similar alternator?

I'm still learning and don't know much so any help is appreciated. thank you.

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Re: Mazda Protege Alternator Issue

Postby cbDrift » Fri Mar 19, 2021 10:47 pm

Try and datalog your battery voltage, alternator duty cycle, electrical load signal and the analog input that the electrical load signal is on (advice i got from Haltech support that saved my sanity)

With these channels logged you should be able to see what is going on and what you need to change to make it work... in theory...

I had a similar issue with my Honda with it not wanting to charge using an e2500, the plug in loom adapter and the ep3 base map until i changed a few settings - its another alternator that feeds back signals to the ecu and the ecu controls the charging circuit

I discovered that my alternator would only charge when the duty cycle was close to minimum - after much fiddling - I've changed and restricted the max duty cycle to 3.5% (so operating range is now from 0-3.5%) and i got really aggressive with the PID settings (200,85,8) and frequency setting (1000hz)

On my Honda - if the frequency was around 380ish-400hz or so - which is what quite a few places say the factory used - then i get some voltage spikes - going up to 1000hz it "caught" and smoothed the spikes out better

I still have some things Im working through with this - but at least i get consistent charging now and a constant 13.8ish-14.2v instead of it charging for a few seconds and then not charging after that like the base map
Well it IS just a base map - but yeah - did my head in for a while trying to work through things.
I'm pretty happy with the alternator charging at the moment tho.

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