Leaning out when reached operating temperature

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Leaning out when reached operating temperature

Postby JEALES » Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:23 am

Hey all,

Just wondering if there's anything I coukd have potentially missed on my setup parameters. Runs like a dream until it reaches operating temp then it start to lean right out and miss.

Its a mildly modified Suzuki G13B turbo, no aftermarket cams or anything fancy. Has a 60mm SR20 throttle body, ported head and the usual reccomended turbo specific internals.

Target AFRS are not being met by a fair bit ( engine reading between 16 and 17:1, where I have 14.5 in the idle target. Also leans out when you hold the throttle open a small amount and try to hold it at a steady speed.

Ive input all information correctly Im sure, fuel pressure is spot on, injector size, dead times etc, so I can't work out how the VE table could be incorrect.

The injectors are 640cc rated, had them flow tested and they returned a reading of 400cc @ 75% duty cycle. I set the injector flow rate to 640... haven't checked the duty cycle when running.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thankyou :)

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Re: Leaning out when reached operating temperature

Postby cbDrift » Wed Sep 15, 2021 4:09 pm

just quickly :
- it sounds like your ve map is wildly incorrect - tuning should be done when at stable and normal operating temps, you should retune the ve map when its at stable temps to get a good base map. No point in doing any tuning to the ve map before then as when the car is up to temp, any tuning done before then when its cold would be very inaccurate.

- if you need to change the fueling before or after that stable temp range - use a correction map make adjustments - the ve map shouldn't need to be changed if the temp or the fuel pressure or injectors change.

- the flow testing you got done sounds nice for comparison info between injectors - but isnt going to be useful for your ecu setup - yeah - keep the settings for 640cc injectors, keep your dead times etc - if you can get the car to idle - change your target af from 14.7:1 to say 13:1 - if your fueling changes to 13:1 then your injector setup is correct - if your fueling doesnt change to 13:1 to match the new target af - then your injector settings are incorrect - cant guess them sorry - you'll need to get that sorted somehow yourself.

- tune your ve table so that the target af matches the actual af for each cell of the fueling tables.

then worry about things like transient throttle changes when you jab or release the throttle - on a haltech ecu in ve mode - if you dont have accurate ve maps - then you wont have accurate or helpful transient changes

(dunno if the haltech admin will allow this but anyways)
You can also check a website called https://www.hpacademy.com/ that is a specialist forum for learning to and how to do tuning on any ecu's - the forum is free to read - its paid membership to post - so you dont get lots of spam junk on there because spammers are stingy and dont pay for membership lol There are also webinars for tuning and they do use haltech ecu's as well - worth a look - worth spending some money on seeing your already spending money on your ecu and dont want to blow your engine up :)

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Re: Leaning out when reached operating temperature

Postby JEALES » Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:02 pm

Thanks mate. Some very useful tips.

I most definitely will not be doing any of the WOT tuning as I am the first to admit my inexperience and like you said " don't want to blow my engine up".

Basically just want to be able to start it and maybe go for a bit of a drive in it to bed the rings in, before it goes to be properly tuned.

Just can't figure out how the VE table could be incorrect, seeing as all the info I have put in seems to be correct. Just have to keep tinkering I guess.

Thanks again

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Re: Leaning out when reached operating temperature

Postby JEALES » Wed Sep 15, 2021 8:05 pm

Sorry, forgot to mention... I haven't actually done any adjustment to the VE table as supposedly if the information the ecu has is correct, I shouldn't need to.


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