ESP elite 550 wrong initial setup

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ESP elite 550 wrong initial setup

Postby V_gentleman » Mon Nov 29, 2021 8:40 pm

Got an elite 550 and loom etc. put in by a registered 'haltech dealer' (ek h22 swap)...

9 months later I gave up waiting and got it towed while 'at dyno'.

It will not crank got spark, fuel, compression, Got some basic setup info from another h22 post.

Fundamentally the 'greyed out' part in say the trigger type (and many other parts) eg. number of teeth etc. does not match what it should be.

Can these 'greyed out' parts be 'edited' somehow.

Do the 'greyed out' bits even matter?

Or does the selection at the top ie. 'B18c2 distributor' override the 'greyed out' part?

Any help .. PLEASE?

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Re: ESP elite 550 wrong initial setup

Postby Orangeblue » Wed Dec 01, 2021 8:00 am

The greyed out parts are not needed, they do not matter for you application.

The ECU know what to expect since you selected Honda - B18. Which means 24 Teeth "on the crank", 1 "on the cam"
and should bethe same as a H22.
Since you have a Elite 550 you can check the Honda OBD I map in the ESP, it is for a Elite 1000/1500 but the trigger
setting have to be the same.

You say the car does not crank.., but has compression? So it must, at least, turn over for you to check that.
You also mentioned a auto electrician setting up the ECU, did he just set up the trigger config or all the values..,
zip and post your map file, so we can check.

You get spark and fuel so these I/Os must be set.

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