Ic7 how to setup

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Atif Buksh
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Ic7 how to setup

Postby Atif Buksh » Wed Sep 16, 2020 8:33 am

Hi I’m new to this tuning thing and i have just received my haltech kit which consists of an elite 2000 and ic7 dash. I have managed to connect the ecu all is ok but how to wire the dash? My technician has connected the indicators, lights, and hand brake to the dash but where to connect the speed and rpm. What is the pin out? My tuner in Australia said the speedo will connect to the ecu but how to do so?

This is for a 2001 supra mk4 2JZGTE

I’m in Fiji and we have very limited resources here

Could you help me with a step by step guide or a wiring diagram.


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