Bug displaying units - Link G4+

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Bug displaying units - Link G4+

Postby Baddis » Sun Mar 07, 2021 1:35 am

I have recently installed the IC-7 and I have noticed that MGP would intermittently jump to high numbers. It was shifting from a psi readout to KPa while driving. I knew something had to be wrong when my small turbo was hitting 50psi. Playing with the software I realised that if you have the same channel on different screens (or the same screen) set to display in 2 different units, it only displays one unit. Ie. If you set a channel to display in psi & KPa, they both display KPa. If you set temperature to C and F, they both display F. (see illustration attached)

I discovered this after trying to set one screen to read in psi and another in KPa.

The ECU is a Link Storm G4+

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