Gear indicator on IC7 dash

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Gear indicator on IC7 dash

Postby bobobryan » Tue Dec 06, 2022 3:20 pm

I have a Reid Cased Turbo 400 with a clean neutral valve body and trans brake setup. I have a transmission selector position kit. I was hoping to be able to show my gear selection on the dash and to avoid having to hold the trans brake button to get it in reverse but with the clean neutral the first neutral and reverse are the same spot on the shifter. I may still have to use the trans brake button to get it to have neutral and reverse at that location on the selector position kit. Has anyone run into and solved this challenge? If I could differentiate between neutral and reverse I could just apply 12 volts to the trans brake when it is in reverse but with this setup I don’t see how I can do that short of manually applying the trans brake button.

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