Nexus PDM setup

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Nexus PDM setup

Postby All In Racing » Wed Apr 14, 2021 7:36 pm

Hi All, how do I set up the additional wires to power devices not on the list or that require a multiple wire input? For example I have a water pump with 14 A required and no available 25A outputs. Can I combine 2 8A outputs to power it and how do you do this in the software?

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Re: Nexus PDM setup

Postby Topfun99 » Thu May 06, 2021 4:00 pm

Yes I've used 2 power outputs on the same circuit. I even used 2 - 25amp outputs to run 2 fans combined.

I've used 2 - 8amp circuits to run my Walbro fuel pump. It's maximum amp requirement is right at 12amps and I didn't have a spare 25amp output to use. It has worked fine using the 2 - 8amp circuits.

The Ford Contour dual fans pull just at or slightly over 25amp and my single pusher fan uses significantly less. By combining the 2 outputs to power all 3 fans the maximum amp output on each circuit stays within the recommended range.

You can name the outputs anything you want as a generic output if there is no listed name. Just keep in mind that if you need both circuits simultaneously the conditions you set up have to be the same for both outputs. However, with the fuel pump example I actually just set up one of the circuits as off/on and the other circuit activates at a higher power level when the pump output pressure/flow requires higher amps.

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