Any tips for first start-up on base map?

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Any tips for first start-up on base map?

Postby RLY240 » Tue Aug 17, 2021 12:29 pm

Not a Nexus specific question I guess but I've just completed the install and calibration of the Nexus on my rally car and I'm looking for some tips on setting up the base map in preparation for the first start. Car was previously carburetted so no benchmark setup to draw from.

I've tested all the inputs and outputs, set the TDC offset on the trigger and calibrated sensors and DBW etc as well as filling in all the engine specific settings (cc, firing order etc) and enabled / disabled all the relative functions.

But what things should be disabled or enabled before the first start-up of an untuned engine? I'm thinking specifically:
Cold start correction
Barometric correction
MAP correction
Post start correction
Coolant temp correction
Air temp correction and others I guess?

I understand that these corrections are cumulative so enabling multiple functions could potentially overreach on delivery and cause problems.

Also, the default maps all span the full range of boost and vacuum but for a NA engine is it best practice to remove the columns related to boost to tidy up the maps?

I just want to make the base setup is ready for the tuner so they don't have to spend lots of time on things I could have taken care of in advance and ideally at least start it and bring up to temp for leak check etc before taking to the dyno.
Any advice appreciated.

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