Feature request: constant power + PWM configuration

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Feature request: constant power + PWM configuration

Postby r32z32 » Wed Nov 10, 2021 5:42 pm


One thing I noticed that would be very helpful to clean up the wiring configuration would be allowing a switched 12V source and PWM trigger for certain loads. For example, I am running a DeltaPAG brushless fan and a BKS1001 fuel pump. Both are supplied by separate 25A constant 12V outputs, and speeds are controlled by PWM. Something like a Digital Switched + Duty Cycle mode option.

If there is actually some way to do this without configuring a "phantom" fan, or setting up a generic output channel, or even an additional engine controlled relay channel please let me know!

Getting a little off topic/ niche.. In regards to the ECR channels, 6 isn't really enough when using the PDM to control a modern vehicle's electrical system, with most of its creature comforts still intact (in the case several 8A outputs might be ganged together for higher current loads, after the 25A outputs are used up). Again, the above workarounds can come to the rescue.. :D

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Re: Feature request: constant power + PWM configuration

Postby dale_che » Fri Dec 03, 2021 9:37 am

thats what generic channels are for, you can create a condition or a table to PWM what ever you want,

6 ECR outputs is heaps, ive never used more than 1 on any car.. they are there to supply power to things like boost solenoids etc, everything else should be driven off its own function not the ECR outputs

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