DTC P195C: PDM Hardware Error - UVLO Flagged.

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DTC P195C: PDM Hardware Error - UVLO Flagged.

Postby outsidergaragellc » Mon Jun 06, 2022 11:05 pm

Morning guys,

I'm running the Haltech Nexus (brand new) in my R32 Skyline. Latest firmware. Everything works perfectly except I am randomly losing power to the Nexus and everything connected. The engine does not stop, however it turns everything off for a split second, then boots back up immediately. I'm left with a host of DTCs but the one responsible looks like

DTC P195C: PDM Hardware Error - UVLO Flagged.

Under Voltage Lockout Error

This seems to happen randomly while driving with no rhyme or reason. Sometimes never, Sometimes every couple minutes. Sometimes just cruising, other times while shifting.

Nexus has direct power and ground to battery. no interruptions in battery voltage.

I am at a loss here and there doesn't seem to be much of any documentation on this error.

Please advise.

Is this a user error on my part or is there something in the Nexus that need updating?

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