Current draw quick start guide

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Current draw quick start guide

Postby RGyonz » Sat Jun 18, 2022 9:33 am

I've been running through the NSP software trying to plan out my wiring and make efficient use of the inputs/outputs.

By default the ignition and injection power sources both consume a 25A output.
For my use case this seems a waste, but I have yet to confirm if a single 8A would do the job either

Is there a cheat sheet of sorts floating around that has ballpark current draw figures for common components, R35 coilpacks and 1000cc injectors for example?

Something like this would be handy for new users and potentially for troubleshooting, and since this info is certainly already out there it seems silly not to collate it.

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Re: Current draw quick start guide

Postby darkstar » Fri Jul 15, 2022 12:16 pm

I've been told that R35 coils reach 14a current draw at peak saturation in performance applications with custom dwell settings.

Injectors, possibly 2-3a peak per injector duty cycle for the commonly used Bosch Variety 1000-1650-2200cc. The software has soft limits, where it will allow over current, temporarily and also log it.

For a 6 cylinder you could an 8A driver for 3 injectors or 3 coils, taking up 4 total 8A slots to free up 2x 25A outputs for a fuel pump each.

You could also wire in 2x 8A outputs to a Walbro 460 pump as well, as long as they have the same trigger conditions.

A single 8A output will probably not do the job better depending on your setup and current requirement. The only way is to wire it up, and monitor the outcome or calculate the values you need for the running conditions.

Current outputs:
4 x 25a
12 x 8a

4x 25A
10x 8A

In my 2JZ setup I'm thinking of running the dual stage injectors, 12 injectors total, via 1x 25A.
1x 25A will handle the IGN-1A coils or R35 Coils.
1x 25A for main fuel pump
1x 25A for second fuel pump
2x 8A third fuel pump or use a PD16.

I'm doing a Nexus + PD16 setup for a customer car to run pumps, thermo fans, water meth pump etc.

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