How to Set Up Nexus Software on M1/M2/M1Pro (ARM) Mac Laptop

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How to Set Up Nexus Software on M1/M2/M1Pro (ARM) Mac Laptop

Postby ClassicMiniDIY » Fri Jul 29, 2022 2:55 am

How to setup Nexus Software on your M1/M2 or M1Pro Mac

If you're looking for a FREE option to run the Nexus software on your own Mac instead of buying a new Windows machine to do it.

I recently was able to get Windows 11 ARM working with my new Macbook Pro M1Pro and I wanted to share the steps I went through with the group in case anyone else wants to use their mac instead of an older Windows Machine. If you notice any issues or have any questions please let me know in this thread!

Important Links:
- Windows 11 ARM Insider Preview: ... eviewARM64
- UTM Virtualization Software:
- Spice Guest OS Drivers:
- Latest Nexus Software: ... t_software

Step 1:
Download the UTM Virtualizer software, it’s a virtualizer and emulator application, and drag it to the Applications folder to install it on the Mac.

Step 2:
Download the Windows 11 VM for ARM free from Microsoft (you will need a Windows Insider login for this, which is free to sign up for if you don’t have one already)

Step 3:
Open UTM on the Mac, then click the + plus button to create a new virtual machine

Step 4:
Choose “Virtualize” from the "I Want to" screen, then select Windows

Step 5:
Click the “Browse” button and select the Windows 11 VHDX ARM image you downloaded, with “Import Image” selected, then click Next

Step 6:
Choose the amount of RAM and CPU cores you want to designate to Windows 11 (recommend to give 8GB RAM or more for better performance). Also go through and increase the total number of USB shared devices to 8 or more. then click Next again

Step 7:
At the Summary screen, choose “Save”

Step 8:
Now click the big Play button to boot the Windows 11 VM and begin setup

Step 9:
Walk through the Windows 11 setup process as usual, choosing your region, account name, etc

Step 10:
Note that networking and the internet will not work yet. You likely will not be able to get past the step for networking setup without a special process.
- Open the terminal inside the VM by typing

Code: Select all

Shift + Function(fn) + F10

- Type

Code: Select all


- Go through step 9 again

Step 11:
Wait a few minutes after completing those steps and Windows 11 will launch running in the VM on the M1 Mac

Step 12:
To get internet access working in the Windows 11 VM, download the SPICE Guest Tools ISO from the UTM website from your Mac side. Link at top of this thread.

Step 13:
In the active Windows 11 VM, click the disc icon in the toolbar and choose CD/DVD Iso > Change > and select the spice-guest-tools-xxx.iso file you just downloaded

Step 14:
Open the mounted D:\ drive in Windows Explorer, then run the SPICE Guest Tools installer in Windows, then restart the VM when installation is finished

Step 15:
The VM will reboot and Windows 11 will now be connected to the internet, confirm this by opening up the Edge browser and visiting a fantastic website like

Step 16:
Download and Install the Nexus Software from the Haltech Software website. Download this from within the windows VM

Step 17:
Plug in your Nexus devices (PD16, ECU, etc) via a USB hub or cable. Then enable all the USB devices by selecting the USB conection icon in the top right of VM container window. Then go through each device and enable them choosing "always allow", when prompted.


Step 18:
Start using your Nexus software as normal!

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Re: How to Set Up Nexus Software on M1/M2/M1Pro (ARM) Mac Laptop

Postby greyes » Wed Aug 03, 2022 4:46 am

Thanks for this information, i have the same MAC as you. It would be awesome to run haltech software now. :D

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Re: How to Set Up Nexus Software on M1/M2/M1Pro (ARM) Mac Laptop

Postby DZ32Scorp » Mon Jan 30, 2023 5:50 am

Going through this situation now where I'm debating on buying a new MacBook or a Surface pro. However, If I can stay with apple products and be able to use Nexus software I'd love that. Its been about 7 months for both of you, how is it going?

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