Mitsubishi Evo ACD and (AYC) integration

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Mitsubishi Evo ACD and (AYC) integration

Postby EvoCommanderLee » Mon Dec 12, 2022 4:46 am

I'm in the process of completely rebuilding my Mitsubishi EVO with Haltech Ecu's.
Currently, I am still in the planning stage and looking at how the systems works.
The first and simplest question is, does Haltech plan to integrate the Mitsubishi ACD and AYC system?


I'm trying to implement it with the current Haltech version for the Nexus.
The lock of the ACD system is selected via a control based on a table. As simple as it sounds!
The X axis is vehicle speed and the Y axis is TPS % or MAP.
The whole thing is still differentiated between acceleration and deceleration mode, "as a kind of 3D table system".
With the Haltech generic output, this is easy to implement. The only thing is missing the ability to differentiate between acceleration and deceleration.
The second question is now, does Haltech implement the third dimension for the generic outputs tables?
Or, is there a way to get around this?
I thought, for example: to use two generic outputs, which have as condition acceleration + or - with the table's.

I hope someone can help me find the right way here or Haltech reads the post to take their products to the next level ;)

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