Haltech e11v2 with Mitsubishi 3000GT Engine


Haltech e11v2 with Mitsubishi 3000GT Engine

Postby 3000GT » Fri Mar 02, 2007 12:45 pm

Hello everyone!

I'm building a Sportscar with a Mitsubishi 3000GT engine (6G72) and its the twin turbo 1993 spec engine.

I have Haltech e11v2 with the complete wiring harness supplied by haltech.

Has anyone used or been involved with a similar or the same type of project that could help me out or give some good advice?

The engine itself is standard.

Some specs about project.

- Upgraded injectors to 100hp per injector rating (not sure of cc value yet)

- A new intake manifold has been fabricated with 80mm throttle body and 3 wire TPS

- New exhaust system from engine to upgraded GT series Garrett Turbo's and short system to atmosphere

- Twin side intercoolers

- 3 BAR Haltech MAP sensor

- Haltech Inlet Air Temp sensor

- Haltech Coolant Temp sensor

- Haltech 4 wire lambda sensor

- Haltech electronic boost control solenoid

- Standard Mitsubishi 3000GT Crank Trigger (its actaully on the camshaft but also measures crank shaft relative to camshaft, as most are aware)

- Standard Mitsubishi 3000GT Coil Pack assembly

- Standard Mitsubishi 3000GT Ignition Module

- Standard Mitsubishi 3000GT oil pressure sensor (will this be compatible to Haltech or will I need a Halect Oil pressure sensor?)

We are running an alternator.

But as a racecar it will have no idle air control motor.

And the Dash is AIMS pro 5
that im not too sure if is compatible with the Haltech.
hopefully it is so i can send signals from ECU to dash.
info such as:

Oil Pressure
Water Temp

so the car is complete and we are up to the wiring stage, so before we start cutting wires and putting sesnors on i wouldlike to ask for any advide and hints that anyone has.

It will be greatly appreciated and im sure once running i will post photo's and horsepower/torque figures for all to see.

Thanks heaps


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