Output to ABS computer

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Output to ABS computer

Postby ace625 » Thu Apr 08, 2021 9:31 am

Does anyone have experience sending wheel speed data from an Elite to an ABS computer? I'm thinking about adding a Teves MK60 system to my car. The MK60 units conveniently output the raw wheel speed and yaw data, so the simplest way to get the information to both computers would be to run the sensors to the MK60, and then connect its outputs to the Elite. However, the mish-mash of parts on my car means that the ABS sensor rings on the rear have 48 teeth, and the front 44 teeth. This doesn't play nicely with the ABS controller.

What I'd like to do is run the wheel speed sensors directly to the Elite, then make a generic output using a table to scale the 48-tooth frequency down to match the 44-tooth frequency. Has anyone done anything like this? Since the Haltech manages the engine in real-time, I assume it would be able to output the wheel speed data to the ABS computer quickly enough, but I figured I'd ask before going too far down the parts buying rabbit hole.

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