Elite 550 drag racing

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Elite 550 drag racing

Postby victorgarage » Wed Apr 28, 2021 1:43 am

Hello i am building a pretty small engine with big turbo.
So i am struggling on keeping up the high boost target when drag racing.
What path should i go..
Since i am using 550 , i know there is no rolling antilag.
But there is flat shift.
Limited to inputs available.
I can use spi 1 and 2 for the wheel speed , the car is RWD
To help me setup with launch controll based on wheel spin and ground speed to control traction so the driver will not have to pedal the car.
Then flatshift so boost not dropped when shifting.
Will be using clutch swith.. should i go with pressure sensor ?
Or clutch switch enough as long as i installed it on the top part of the pedal?
Or i should go rolling antilag.. which is the option is not available.
Will we able to make a custom map to make the rolling antilag happen? Is this a good path or better stick to my plan ?
Thanks for your input guys.

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